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Today's Tokyo forecast:choco-milkさんの絵文字 6℃/0℃/0%

UPDATE check also my update lohas-asasさんの絵文字 @yamakaze0672

ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Sunny Spot GF twitter at 19:11 still shooting is continued, today’s dinner is curry. spicy food is good for cold body. pic.twitter.com/s899UXVX
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Ara-fes costume person episode. the reason why member didn’t wear a lot member color. as this time members do back dancer, as they wear member color, this could be Arashi, not back dancer. so color was shuffled. this was proposed by Aiba-chan.
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 1/22 19:00-20:54 IQ Suppli collaboration quiz from Masaki Aiba
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Meiji Chocolate new CM
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Platinum data magazine info 1/21 Cinema☆Cinema cover: Kazuanri Ninomiya, interview with Ohtomo director, 1/2 1CINEMA SQUARE, cover and interview: Kazuanri Ninomiya 1/23 Pia Soda, cover: Kazuanri Ninomiya, interview with Ohtomo director, 1/26 + Act cover: Kazuanri Ninomiya, interview with Ohtomo director
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Orista blog <Arashi got in a dither by high-spirited Aniki? Satoshi Ohno is fascinated by Nagase Aniki? > current issue of Orista feature infiltrate report of Arashi ni Shiyagare on air 1/19. Tomoya Nagase Anki, senior of Johnny’s appears. but members of Arashi in dither form start by too high-spirited Nagase-san. it was Satoshi Ohno-kun who kept on his pace relaxing. he clings to Nagase-kun at 2 seater chair and he is fascinated by him? what you should notice is Nagase-san hand that was on Ohno-kun leg. what kind of development 2 will have? please prepare Shiyagare with current issue of Orista before watching.
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 HItsuji Yoshida-san1/17 blog first annoucement of year. I appear 1/29 FTV 21:00 Last Hope ep.3. Aiba-kun of that idol group you don’t have day not to watch them on TV. tomorrow I do studio shooting from morning to night.
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Tomoaki Makino-san twitter, the other day we shoot vs Arashi as Urawa reds team (football team) we can’t lose as first game of 2013, please watch our aspects who face to each game seriously. this on air on FTV 1/31 19:00-19:57 http://t.co/Gu9Rdghc Keita Suzuki-san (football player) blog <VS Arashi> a appear VS Arashi. this on air 1/31 19:00-19:57
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Pashin Peron (comedian ) yesterday blog <Shimura zoon new year> yesterday was 1st Shimura zoo of year. yesterday after shooting, we were called new year party of Shimura zoo. the cake of photo is Ai Haruna-san prepared. food was so deilisous. cast took pictures with cakes. when Aiba-san was asked “a letter” of Kanji of this year by a staff, he said 希望 (hope) (perfectly 2 letters!)
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Takahiro Miki-san twitter (Sunny Spot GF director) finally today Sunny Spot GF is started shooting. this is start under severe cold. do best having warm mind. pic.twitter.com/2yKfyg2p
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 VS cut part by audiences. shooting was after 12/5 after Sapporo concert. this was 2nd round shooting of the day, 1st round was special shooting. 【OPENING TALK】 about Arashi costume in blue. N: from this year we wear same costume? S: this could be like this orientation from this year. S: this is opposition that Ninomiya-san can play in usual cloth once a year (grin) M: this could be opposition you have to play so seriously, right? / after Black Mayonnaise appearance. M: you came again. Yoshida: this is after 2 month. Kosugi: I think some one mistook to appoint. I wonder we could be stand-in. Y: you should not say so. 【ROLLING VIKING】 before shooting staff instruct Arashi’s position. suddenly Jun-kun asked “Wate wa?” (how about me, in dialect) / asking ages, O-chan and Sugiuchi pitcher is same age, Sugiuchi pitcher was born in October, O “you are senior brother than me.” / after the game. Yoshida: however I wanted to share chagrin (as balls dropped –50 points) with leader, however ball dropped to minus points, leader looks next ball never looking at me!” O “because the one is over, it can't be helped!” 【POPCORN】before shooting Aiba-chan does image training chatting with a staff “I think I hit racket to the barrier.” audiences: laugh. meanwhile Nino and Kosugi-san, Kosugi-san kept asking how he can get points. Nino looks up holding racket turning around for image training on his own. then he chat with Kosugi-san again. after game, Jun-kun and O-chan moved upper side seat, Jun-kun switched the cushion, the one he seated previously and the passed the cushion located upper side seat to Aiba-chan 【BOUND HOCKEY】 before the game MC Ohno-san you are important position to pass the pack to Sakurai-san, a final shooter。 O hardly do this position. audiences: laugh. O: Sho-chan hardly does that position as well. S: hardly do./ N: Aiba-san are you okay at this position. A: this if fine at this position, as today I just watch. S: Aiba-san preciously he made good record. A: well, so. audiences: praised. MC asked Kosugi-san about his enthusiasm, M: how many point for goal? N: junior! MC (junior) “so far 1 gol was 20 points, but lately changed to 30 point. S: goal point could be change like exchange rates?? Kosugi: errr. do you listen to me. M: ye? well, so, so. / after game when Arashi leave studio, Jun-kun bang to staffs lightly. M: sorry, are you okay? / that time Kosugi-san try to put his arm to Sho-chan’s shoulder, he turns and avoid having it. 【CLIFF CLIMB】 before shooting had strategy meeting, but Nino betrayed, then this comes like airing. after paper-rock-scissors by Ninoai. Ninoai haggle over which side to climb, A: I climb left 2 sides. N: go right. A: right side is difficult. N: I succeed 2 right side. S: these 2 does this kind of conversation since junior high school era. Ninoai grin. / A: how many second I should make it? N: give me 40 sec. A: well, err (calculating) 80 sec, right. (Aiba-chan gets so excited) S: Aiba-san, you get excited on your own, right? A: right!! / after the dame S: it was amazing, in the halfway, you spun. what was it? anyway it was cute. / opposition team turn, when Uchiumi-san said acrophobia. only Sho-kun “I understand.” not a lot. / after the game, staff bring water to Ninoai. A: as i have done anything. no thank you. S: it’s fine. actually you can get water! 【KICKING SNIPER】 before shooting, it was Sho-kun who stand at location of Black Mayonnaise, as they are guest, this was switched to Black Mayonnaise. audiences buzz. Kosugi: we want to watch also Sho-kun play. staff to audiences: as you can see Arashi lose today, you are not cheerful. M: do we have chance to turn back? staff: you have/ M & O did paper-scissors-rock to decide kicking order. O-chan made big grin when he won and avoided last kicker. /【before Giants team special challenge game】 , M: how do you think this kind of game? Giants:…. M: can you answer something? 【CLOSING】Arashi passes memorial photo frame to Giants team and Black mayonnaise but Jun-kun didn’t pass it Kosugi-san. he means to play passing Kosugi-san photo frame with Yoshida-san and Nino picks belly of Kosugi-san. and Sho-kun joins to Nino. when Arashi leaves studio. staff: it was Arashi who made biggest defeat ever today! audiences: laugh. Arashi: better grins and bows. thank you very much. M: next time we absolutely win. please come to watch again.
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Sunny Spot Girl Friend twitter at 08:53 congratulation start shooting. started by the scene of Kosuke and Shota. Miki team 3 rules “enjoy, seriously, make good tempo!” we run out reminding this in our mind. pic.twitter.com/QZ2772Lbat 13:41 lunch is catering that all love. pic.twitter.com/7TDqRUhf
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Allegra web site and CM updated
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Shinji Ogawa-san (Sunny Spot Girl Friend producer) at 00:58 I go to sleep as I have to get up tomorrow early. tomorrow is start shooting of “Sunny Spot Girl Friend”
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Last Hope staff blog <announcement> good evening. today off shooting. various thing prepared for next shooting. we went this show that many requested. (photo of VS Arashi staff sticker) this on air next week 1/24 19:00-19:57 Last Hope team appears. Aiba-san appears as Dr. Takumi Hatano as Last Hope team, Tabe-san, Koike-san, Kitamura-san, Takashima-san and Komukai-san participate. can the show good team work fighting against Arashi. hope you watch thir costume. all are in same xxx (doctor’s smog?) this cool.
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Platinum data web site updated with advanced ticket info detail of campaign “chase Ryuhei Kagura” capture Platinum data poster QR code get chase distance to Kagura, send this chase distance to movie you want to support. you can call Kabura (Kazunari Ninomiya to 5 movies) this from 1/26
ultrajuiceさんの絵文字 Team Ohtomo (Platinum Data director) movie Platinum data advance ticket with overseas verson clear folder on sale 800K copies. as soon as this sold out, this switches to usual advance ticket.



skmtmsykさんの絵文字 TV
20:00 - 20:54 Music station, study song… Arashi, B’z, Golden Bomber ▽勉強ソング…嵐B’z金爆

skmtmsykさんの絵文字 RADIO
6:45-6:50 Arashi Discovery Morning step Satoshi Ohno FM, looked up night sky. wondered if he saw UFO./ about teaching Popcorn choreograph to members. show them dance singing lightly. actually junior memorize so quickly such as 30 min the dance took several days to choreograph./ earpick when he inserts an earpick deep, he has a cough

24:00-24:30 Masaki Aiba's Recomen Aarshi remix Masaki Aiba Bunk Hoso

tirigamikunさんの絵文字 MAGAZINE
nagaleさんの絵文字 Orista, serial Secret of Arashi Jun Matsumoto, infiltrate and interview with Masaki Aiba Last Hope

kittodaijoubuさんの絵文字 CM
Allegra Satoshi Ohno

norennさんの絵文字 CHECK
Fasio store fixture,Hitachi Catalogue. Hitachi ad at Tokyo JR Station, JAL Arashi Jet in service, –1/24 Last Hope illumination, you can get Allegra booklet at drug store.

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