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Popcorn tour Osaka 11/18 set list

I don’t attend this concert. finished editing MC and greetings NEWデコメ絵文字

song from new album Fight song cut but Energy song added

音符 デコメ絵文字Up to you
音符 デコメ絵文字Welcome to our party
音符 デコメ絵文字Troublemaker
nautixiさんの絵文字 Opening greeting.
音符 デコメ絵文字Believe
音符 デコメ絵文字Labyrinth Love song
水滴デコメ絵文字water artistic footage.
音符 デコメ絵文字Cosmos
音符 デコメ絵文字Akashi
水滴デコメ絵文字water artistic footage
音符 デコメ絵文字Kazeno Mukoue
音符 デコメ絵文字Rakuen (Paradise) 嵐デコメ絵文字
音符 デコメ絵文字Fly on Friday 嵐デコメ絵文字
音符 デコメ絵文字Super Fresh
音符 デコメ絵文字a Day in Our Life
音符 デコメ絵文字Kitto Daijyobu
音符 デコメ絵文字Kakenukero (run through)
nautixiさんの絵文字 MC
音符 デコメ絵文字Tsuite Oide (come along)
音符 デコメ絵文字Kimiga irukara (because you are there)
音符 デコメ絵文字two 嵐デコメ絵文字
音符 デコメ絵文字Tabi wa Tsuzukuyo (trip is continuing)
音符 デコメ絵文字Nice na kokoroiki (nice spirit) .
音符 デコメ絵文字Lucky Man (Popcorn man)
音符 デコメ絵文字We wanna funk,we need a funk 嵐デコメ絵文字
音符 デコメ絵文字Soreha Yappari Kimideshita (it was you after all) 嵐デコメ絵文字
水滴デコメ絵文字water artistic footage
音符 デコメ絵文字Refrain
音符 デコメ絵文字Face Down
音符 デコメ絵文字Oh Yeah! .
音符 デコメ絵文字Love so sweet
音符 デコメ絵文字Your Eyes )
音符 デコメ絵文字Waiting for you
音符 デコメ絵文字Wild at heart Jun-kun hugged Nino from his bad after it he approached his face to O-chan. after this he-hugged Aiba-chan who sat on moving stage from back.

クマ 拍手デコメ絵文字encore
音符 デコメ絵文字Carnival night
音符 デコメ絵文字Energy song
音符 デコメ絵文字My Girl

クマ 拍手デコメ絵文字double encore
音符 デコメ絵文字Wish
音符 デコメ絵文字Happiness 嵐デコメ絵文字Osaka thank you! it was fun. let’s enjoy living from tomorrow! Jun-kun who had goods bath towel on his shoulder put it Nino’s shower as well, and wraps Nino, 2 in the bath towel.嵐デコメ絵文字 go home safely!

it was over at 18:52

バイバイデコメ絵文字Opening Greeting
嵐デコメ絵文字Osaka! Osaka! this is final. we 5 make you happy from now!
嵐デコメ絵文字 Irasshaimase! (welcome ) Irasshaimase! storm (Arashi ) has came!
嵐デコメ絵文字 do you get excited? can you do it more? can you do it more?
嵐デコメ絵文字Haaai! Haaai! Haaai! today is Osaka Popcorn festival.
嵐デコメ絵文字how are you doing Osaka!!! How are you doing upper side? How are you doing lower side?

嵐デコメ絵文字Yeah! audiences: yeah! 嵐デコメ絵文字Yeah! audiences: yeah! 嵐デコメ絵文字Oh amazing! do you get burst, all. audiences: yeah! (Aiba-chan also answers : yeah!)嵐デコメ絵文字Aiba-san, you don’t need to answer. 嵐デコメ絵文字as I get burst, I wanted answer. 嵐デコメ絵文字 we are Arashi, please support us. 嵐デコメ絵文字as you get burst again later, please take your seat 嵐デコメ絵文字actually we talk about this several times. this time there’s point different from usual, Ohno-san. 嵐デコメ絵文字there’re tunes I choreographed. 嵐デコメ絵文字right, he choreographed first tune, Up to you. 嵐デコメ絵文字yep. 嵐デコメ絵文字how long do you take to choreograph? 嵐デコメ絵文字 that one took about a week. 嵐デコメ絵文字this is big piece. 嵐デコメ絵文字this is just thinking in my brain. oh, I said something cool! 嵐デコメ絵文字 what is it? 嵐デコメ絵文字actually it was first time catch the eye of Aiba-chan finally 3rd day. 嵐デコメ絵文字right, right, you smiled to me. 嵐デコメ絵文字Aiba-kun smiles extremely amusingly. 嵐デコメ絵文字 yep. it was so fun. because before this dance, I become alone and 4 dance in the back like this! I thought I wanted to join you soon!! once I finished singing, and rush to you. I can’t help enjoying!! 嵐デコメ絵文字right right, at 2nd chorus (Love so sweet) I think as his microphone must not turn on, you must don’t see it. Aiba-kun said whoof. (when Aiba-chan hold Jun-kun from back at Love so) 嵐デコメ絵文字why this people after singing sole, does like that (hunch over) 嵐デコメ絵文字hey you (おまえ), don’t say that (grin) 嵐デコメ絵文字because you were like that. 嵐デコメ絵文字ack, however he was so hyper?? 嵐デコメ絵文字 today I run too fast from start, after my solo I could not move, so I took rest. 嵐デコメ絵文字as you got hyper. 嵐デコメ絵文字right. 嵐デコメ絵文字that’s why you could not move.嵐デコメ絵文字today you get a hustle on before concert, as you took bath.嵐デコメ絵文字 oh, this, this talk is short, please wait (grin) 嵐デコメ絵文字sorry we usually talk this. (grin) 嵐デコメ絵文字this is about today. Kyocera bathroom has bath tub.嵐デコメ絵文字yep. 嵐デコメ絵文字I prepared bath. when I took bath relaxingly, this guy (pointing to Nino) came in saying “hello!”. this time I had bath additive, I brought it, cake shape one. 嵐デコメ絵文字 the one you got as gift. 嵐デコメ絵文字right, right. 2 men in the bath with bath additive is bad. (grin) 嵐デコメ絵文字 that was really weird 嵐デコメ絵文字 we talk like this. how ever it was middle of melting bath additive. as I thought Sho-chan would come later, I left it. 嵐デコメ絵文字why I take bath? 嵐デコメ絵文字I thought so, 嵐デコメ絵文字you usually do so. 嵐デコメ絵文字 that’s why I left pultaceous cake!! (grin) 嵐デコメ絵文字I don’t want!嵐デコメ絵文字after all he didn’t come.嵐デコメ絵文字because this time I took other. 嵐デコメ絵文字right, he was mature today. because today. “oh, bath in use, so I take that one” 嵐デコメ絵文字ack, I wasn’t alone that time? feel embarrassed. (start walking to main stage, separation M & O & A and S &N) 嵐デコメ絵文字 yesterday after concert. I took bath with Nino and Aiba-kun.嵐デコメ絵文字yes. 嵐デコメ絵文字so as there’s one shower, we have to wash in order.嵐デコメ絵文字right, right 嵐デコメ絵文字so, once finished to wash, call and move. we repeated. I think staffs who were outside could listen our voice. (grin) (O& M chatted with small voice. and Aiba-chan nod S & N’s talk) 嵐デコメ絵文字 but Aiba-san just keep washing. calling “oosu! “oosu! “oosu!” (S, A & N says oosu and laugh) 嵐デコメ絵文字 it’s only 3 of you who laugh now! people in Osaka can’t follow your story. 嵐デコメ絵文字 sorry only us got excited. 嵐デコメ絵文字as we and all of audience can’t see your scene. 嵐デコメ絵文字 okay, next time we shoot movie? 嵐デコメ絵文字 you don’t need to!!! (grin) 嵐デコメ絵文字so I go back a bit. this time I took another shower for the first time. (try to talk Kansai dialect) the place you hold shower is loose. 嵐デコメ絵文字 err. excuse me. what is your fake Kansai dialect? in my memory, this is only Murakami of Kanjani talks in this way. (Sho-kun burst into laughter) 嵐デコメ絵文字 actually at 10th year. actually it hasn’t past so many year. after all, I used first time another shower since we do concert here. isn’t that one difficult? (arrived to main stage) 嵐デコメ絵文字 we talk this episode with Matsujun. go to change fast. 嵐デコメ絵文字okay. 嵐デコメ絵文字so that shower room, it has place to hung shower head. 嵐デコメ絵文字 it that this kind of place (show shower head hunger) 嵐デコメ絵文字 isn’t it very looser? 嵐デコメ絵文字it’s loose. 嵐デコメ絵文字 and shower is button system. 嵐デコメ絵文字 this is eco type to press button and water come out for period time. 嵐デコメ絵文字I took shower. then press button in the condition I can’t open my eyes for shampoo! so however shower has pressure, the shower hunger is loose, this came like this (he mimic shower got violent) 嵐デコメ絵文字 do you have. is there any trick?嵐デコメ絵文字okay, I teach you trick. actually which shower did you use? 嵐デコメ絵文字oh, among 4? 嵐デコメ絵文字right. 嵐デコメ絵文字center. 嵐デコメ絵文字ah, the center one. actually it has only one that can lock shower. do you place shower head to shower hand properly? 嵐デコメ絵文字yes. 嵐デコメ絵文字actually this is to place shower head floating a bit. if you do so, water pressure of shower and shower head matches. there’s right place. it doesn’t move at all! 嵐デコメ絵文字is that so? 嵐デコメ絵文字right. 嵐デコメ絵文字… (look at audiences) the dome got damped… Osaka can’t follow our story at all. 嵐デコメ絵文字 because, however I was totally naked, shower got violent like huge serpent, this came like, finally I hold shower, if this turn to something. this could be big thing!! (rest of 3 come back) 嵐デコメ絵文字 we have to change. ah… Lucky seven!! 嵐デコメ絵文字currently shooting Lucky seven, however airing day is not determinate yet. please watch it. 嵐デコメ絵文字 what is content? 嵐デコメ絵文字story is different from previous one. All of detective office enjoy making noise. it has action, laugh, get thrilling. please watch (Sho-Jun leave)嵐デコメ絵文字Ohno-san you are amazing, you know, leader doesn’t sleep at bed! I was surprised. 嵐デコメ絵文字I don’t sleep there. 嵐デコメ絵文字the chair you sit, line up 3 chairs and he sleeps on it, this guy. 嵐デコメ絵文字this bed, I is bad. actually this is not bad, this was too good, it makes me back pain. so I brings 3 chairs and sleep on them. even at home, I sleep on sofa not on bed. but lately I don’t do it. I sleep on floor. 嵐デコメ絵文字Kyocera’s back room sofa is bigger.嵐デコメ絵文字 right. 嵐デコメ絵文字why don’t you stay at Kyocera dome? 嵐デコメ絵文字 I don’t want. scary!! 嵐デコメ絵文字 you must think good bed is good, right? 嵐デコメ絵文字for us this is not about good or bad, I can sleep anywhere.嵐デコメ絵文字try once, if you do it for a month you get used to. 嵐デコメ絵文字Okay let me say. let’s try to sleep on a bed for a month, you can get used to absolutely. 嵐デコメ絵文字okay, I try it. 嵐デコメ絵文字okay do we do latter part. Ohno-san do introduction as it was you who did choreograph, right? 嵐デコメ絵文字that has dance like fishing.嵐デコメ絵文字no, is there any guy who insert your hobby to your choreograph? (Jun-kun burst into laughter) 嵐デコメ絵文字 but at choreograph practice, you told “this is like fishing” 嵐デコメ絵文字you mean this dance, right? 嵐デコメ絵文字right this, this! 嵐デコメ絵文字so in fact. what is this. 嵐デコメ絵文字I insert fishing.嵐デコメ絵文字 please watch this which part. let’s do latter part! 嵐デコメ絵文字yay! audiences: yay! 嵐デコメ絵文字yay! audiences: yay!

バイバイデコメ絵文字closing greeting
嵐デコメ絵文字good evening. we are Arashi. it was really fun today. thank you very much. Popcorn tour that was started here in Osaka 2 days ago. we got a lot of power we will do our best for upcoming tour that continue next year based on the power we got.I got cheerful. it was really fun for all of 3 days. thank you very much. I want to create the space that make you fun and cheerful again. let’s see all of you again. thank you.
嵐デコメ絵文字 thank you very much. it was extremely fun. err. this time we did additional one day. the power we got here, from tomorrow…. 嵐デコメ絵文字 you talk all same. 嵐デコメ絵文字 I memorized all. 嵐デコメ絵文字no actually with your word… 嵐デコメ絵文字it was extremely fun. hope we can do next year…. let’s see next year again.
嵐デコメ絵文字every body, thank you very much for today. I was surprised your high level skill. Welcome to our party that is included Popcorn album. that one we did first day (show the dance with finger) on 2nd day you do all. I want do it one more day. if I do so, it’d be me alone… let’s see you absolutely again.
嵐デコメ絵文字 thank you for today, such cold day. it was new pink pen light, please be safe for home, this is Popcorn concert until you get home! 嵐デコメ絵文字I think this could be Kyodo Osaka (concert organizer) would say it.
嵐デコメ絵文字thank you very much for today. today’s Popcorn tour is in the result to think about theme of pop, hope this came cheerful fun atmosphere. the person who came to our concert many times, the person who came first time. I could spend really wonderful time. hope you come again. please support our 3 regular show. it was fun today.
バイバイデコメ絵文字Before double encore
5 appeared 嵐デコメ絵文字my Ohno-san… 嵐デコメ絵文字 you don’t want to go home? this is Popcorn concert until you get home. you got something wrong, we feel sad. 嵐デコメ絵文字 err… I think he means another song?嵐デコメ絵文字 no, as it was over. if we do another song, they can’t go home safely. audiences: ehh!!! 嵐デコメ絵文字okay. if we do another song, go home safely.


past MC

09-10 5x10
10-11 scenery you and i are looking at
11-12 beautiful world
12 ara-fes
12-13 popcorn tour
arashi exciting school 2011
arashi exciting school 2012

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