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[trans] New J-net message from Arashi

Johnny's net has updated with a brief and vague video message from Arashi. They introduced themselves and state that they have a request for their fans, then directed their fanclub members to check the members-only section where a longer video message can be found.

In a nutshell, the longer message was about the increasing number of people being scammed out of their money while trying to buy tickets to their concerts, and they were sending out a request to everyone to be more alert and not fall victim while buying through unofficial means. I've translated the contents of the video for those interested, which you can find behind the cut.


Hello to everyone watching this on Johnny's Net. This is Arashi.

We have a request for all the fans supporting us. We have heard about a sharp increase in the number of people being swindled while buying our concert tickets through online auctions and so on. We were extremely sad to hear that.


So that you won't be scammed, please do not sell or buy tickets from places such as online auctions and ticket scalping stores.


There is no guarantee that the people you meet through internet forums can be trusted. As long as everyone takes care, the number of people getting hurt will surely decrease!


Even with Arafes, a large number of counterfeit tickets were discovered. If you buy tickets that were not sold through the concert agency and Playguide, there is a possibility that you will become unwittingly involved in this criminal activity.


We are wishing for those who are supporting us to not fall victim to this. Please follow the rules and enjoy the concerts with us. We ask for your cooperation!

That is all. This was Arashi!
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